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Sheep, Dog & Wolf has released a new music video for 'Glare'.'Glare' is shot on film and is made by the talented folks at Candlelit Pictures who recently gained a Vimeo staff pick for their music video for Randa's Frankenstein in 2013.For this music video the crew and Daniel flew to the Australian outback and spent 10 days in the desert waiting for the sun to appear in ex...

By Princess Chelsea 8 days ago

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  • <a href="">Egospect by Sheep, Dog and Wolf</a>


    Sheep, Dog and Wolf


    Sheep, Dog and Wolf is the solo project of nineteen year old multi-instrumentalist, Daniel McBride. As Sheep, Dog and Wolf, McBride creates experimental pop which blends orchestrated arrangements and layered vocals with influences that extend all the way from Norwegian Jazz, Tokyo new jazz to Math Rock and Electronica.

  • <a href="">The Primrose Path by Jonathan Bree</a>

    The Primrose Path

    Jonathan Bree


    The Primrose Path is Jonathan Bree's first solo album since a career with the Brunettes that has seen the band release 4 albums and 4 eps. It is a dark and personal album that seems to examine the insecurities associated with feeling crap, irrelevant and over 30, often centered around the waning magic of a long term relationship. Whereas The Brunettes would often hide adult themes behind pop culture references and double entendres, The Primrose Path is very lyrically direct and at times uncomfortably honest.

  • <a href="">Christopher by The Ruby Suns</a>


    The Ruby Suns


    Ryan McPhun has always been a musical wayfarer, collecting sounds and styles from his travels around the globe, depositing influences and ephemera into the first three knockout Ruby Suns albums (2006's The Ruby Suns, 2008's Sea Lion and 2010's Fight Softly). In Scandinavia - amidst it's icy architecture and sky-high fjords, not to mention the indomitable gloss-pop that's the region's leading export - he discovered the inspiration for 'Christopher'.

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