Jonathan Bree

Jonathan Bree has released a surprise music video for 'Steel and Glass' taken from his most recent album Pre-Code Hollywood.

'Steel and Glass' is a companion song to the opening track 'City Baby' and references the song melodically and lyrically. The narrator just needs a song to get by, but there's only the rumble of a subway train (echoed in the drum rhythm). The live performance of 'Steel and Glass' features a stunning wing dance choreographed by Katarzyna Pachelska who appears as the actress in the music video, alongside actor Marcin Piotrowiak

The director Jagoda Elson decided to create a narrative music video for the song, as she explains:: “I wanted to tell a story about feeling lonely in a paradoxically big city and longing for a deep genuine connection. I chose to compliment the message of the video with dreamy, oneiric aesthetics."