Jonathan Bree and Princess Chelsea

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lil Chief Records we are excited to announce a new song by Jonathan Bree and Princess Chelsea - reuniting to sing a duet together as they did on viral hit “Cigarette Duet”. The song was written/produced by Bree, with analog synthesizers wrapped carefully around hushed vocals. It is a subtly infectious track with understated emotive performances from Chelsea and Jonathan as two ex lovers

Listen to 'Destiny' now

Lil’ Chief Records was formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 2002 by Bree with friend and musical collaborator Scott Mannion. The label released albums by local bedroom recording artists including The Brunettes and Ruby Suns who went on to license albums to Sub Pop. More recently artists Princess Chelsea and Jonathan Bree have received further international attention via the astounding success of releases such as ‘You’re So Cool’ and ‘I Love My Boyfriend’.

Lil’ Chief is glad to announce that we have begun working globally with Secretly Distribution so our records should be more available in record stores worldwide. Jonathan has created a playlist of some of his favourite Lil Chief tracks over the years, so do have a listen to that too!