New Princess Chelsea 'Frack' Music Video!

Princess Chelsea has a new video out for her song 'Frack'.

Director: Simon Ward

VFX: Simon Ward, Kenny Smith, Richard Pilkington and Luke Rowell

Costume: Christina Hroch, Caroline Anderson and Rose Salmon

Hair and Make up: Fiona Sole

Props: Sandy Burton-Davis

Chelsea has hinted at the song having personal biblical themes, channeled through a Battlestar Galactica obsession.

So of course no better director to make the music video than Simon Ward (& Co) - self proclaimed Sci Fi and pop culture nut who has made some incredible videos already for the likes of Golden Axe, Disasteradio, & Fistful of Gems, not to mention Lawrence Arabia's latest clip.

Classic sci-fi like the Alien trilogy (minus Alien III), Planet of The Apes, Battlestar Galactica & Star Wars always seem to bring up important questions about Humanity, God & Science - and often have a strong biblical undercurrent.