Princess Chelsea shares ‘I Don’t Know You’ music video

Princess Chelsea has released a surprise music video for 'I Don’t Know You' taken from her Taite Award-winning album Everything is Going To Be Alright.

“I Don’t Know You is low-key my favorite song on the album," says Chelsea, who often references Lindsay Buckingham as a direct influence for the vocal arrangements and instrumentation of the track.

In Chelsea’s signature light vs dark fashion the angsty track features a ripping and lazy guitar solo by friend and collaborator Vincent HL (Hang Loose, Teen Wolf) juxtaposed against child-like mellotron flutes. “I told Vincent to play the guitar like how your brain feels when you’re confused and panicky, about to have a meltdown and you just…. don’t know what to do, which is kind of the vibe of the whole song” says Chelsea.

The music video is a classic home-made affair filmed around midtown Manhattan and Central Park in New York in 2022 with friend Kermath Davies on a sony handy-cam with edit by Chelsea.

Princess Chelsea and band are set to perform in April at the Taite Awards on April 23rd rounding up an extensive album campaign that has seen them tour Europe, the US and Aotearoa since late 2022.