Waiting For Your Love: A Tribute To The Reduction Agents

The Reduction Agents


  1. Princess Chelsea - Cold Glass Tube
  2. The Eversons - 80's Celebration
  3. The Beths - Mississippi Moonshine Girls
  4. Jonathan Bree - Last Night's Love
  5. indi - Freeways
  6. Salad Boys - Urban Yard
  7. Instant Fantasy - Sweet Ingredients
  8. Samuel Flynn Scott & Holly Beals - The Pool
  9. The Ruby Suns - Our Jukebox Run Is Over
  10. Liam Finn - Waiting For Your Love
  11. Scott Mannion - Couldn't Anymore
  12. Tiny Ruins - Cabinets And Mountaintops

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A song-for-song homage to The Dance Reduction Agents, and features covers performed by The Ruby Suns, Princess Chelsea, The Beths, Salad Boys, Instant Fantasy, Liam Finn, Tiny Ruins and more.

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